Datacasting Video Encoder


Adaptive bitrate video encoder – FlexStream MX-400IO

Datacasting solutions have expanded beyond file delivery to include private streaming video. Doing so requires data protection (encryption), targeting, efficient compression, and a mechanism to optimize video encoding within the ebb and flow of the available datacasting bandwidth. i.e. A mechanism to utilize more bandwidth when available, and less when not. Enter the the FlexStream MX-400IO adaptive bitrate encoder. This device encodes live video and delivers it via VPN to the MX-400SR using a proprietary transport designed specifically for the pitfalls of this type of application. Use this device to capture the output of a video management system (camera control PC), a camera or cameras, DTV broadcast, or nearly any other media that can be presented to the device via IP, HDMI, Component video, Composite Video, or S-Video.

Capture and encode nearly any video output

Adaptive bitrate encoding of IP, RTSP, HDMI, Composite, Component, S-Video

FlexDM Remote Management

Use FlexDM to manage West Pond devices from anywhere on any device.

Secure, reliable, transport from source to headend

VPN connectivity built in.

The FlexStream MX-400IO is specially designed for:

  • Streaming video datacasting applications
  • Capturing video from two HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video devices
  • Capturing video directly from security cameras (RTSP)
  • Interface with one or more MX-400SRs
  • Low bitrate applications

MX-400IO benefits:

  • The FlexStream MX solution is best in class because
    • Support for a wide variety of video sources
    • Adaptive bitrate encoding for optimal bandwidth usage
    • Provides latency sensitive encoding from remote locations
    • Built in VPN
    • Statically configured, or dynamically controlled via REST API
    • Remote management via FlexDM

Datacasting Flow Diagram

MX-400IO Details

The MX-400IO provides the following datacasting features.


Software features:

  • Video capture from a variety of sources
    • HDMI, Composite, Component, S-Vid, DTV tuner, IP cameras, and more.
  • Adaptive bitrate AV encoding
    • One or more MX-400SR transport sessionsH.264 encoding optimized for low bitrate applications
  • Secure VPN connectivity
    • Cisco ASA compatible Anyconnect Client


  • Front panel graphical configuration and status
  • Front panel video of all mux inputs
  • Web UI, password protected, configuration from anywhere
  • USB Configuration for bulk processing
  • SNMP status
  • FlexDM remote management

Base Hardware:

  • Form factor: 1RU, 19 inch rack, 328.2 mm (12.92 inch) L X 442.2 mm (17.41 inch) W X 44.0 mm (1.72 inch) H
  • Base Weight: Less than 6 lbs
  • Shipping weight: Configuration dependent
  • Operating Temp.: 0º – 45ºC (32º-113ºF)
  • Humidity: 10 – 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240VAC , 50-60Hz
  • Power: 100 watts – Actual consumption is configuration dependent
  • Cooling: Fan cooled. Positive pressure, ~20 cfm air flow front to back.
  • Compliance: FCC class A/CE (TBD)
  • Rack mounting: Mounting ears provided
  • Cabling: Power cord included, others provided with optional hardware
  • Front panel configuration: Management LAN network connection
  • Front panel video: QVGA. H.264 & MPEG2 decode and scaling
  • Standard Inputs/Outputs:
    • 4x GigE
    • 2x External USB Host Ports
    • ATSC DTV tuner
    • Dual HDMI/Component/Composite/S-Video capture w/audio
    • 32 GB of SSD storage
  • Warranty:
    • 1 year repair or replace + software updates
    • 1 year FlexDM remote management subscription included
    • Extended warranty available

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